Birthday Cake & Mark 3

My grandmother worked in a cake bakery for many years during my childhood. She always wanted to make our birthday cakes, and this was a most beloved tradition. One year she made me a Dr. Seuss cake. Another year, a three dimensional Basketball. She could design anything you wanted, and they always tasted delicious. When my older sister was turning eight years old, we threw her a big party at my Granny and Poppa’s house. This year, Granny had baked a cake around a barbie doll, and she decorated the cake to look like Barbie’s dress. It was a beautiful cake, but unfortunately Lauren’s birthday party came during a dreadful season of our lives..

My grandfather was dying of advanced stage lung cancer. 

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Cheyenne, Wyoming & Mark 2

When I was in the fourth grade, we were required to know all the capitals and states of America. My momma had bought my sisters and I this really cool puzzle with all the state names and capitals on a big map so it was really easy for me to practice for my test. I would sit in the floor putting together my puzzle/map while my sister called out a state to me, and I would respond with the capital.

Lauren: Illinois?


Lauren: South Dakota?

Me: Uh, Columbia?

Lauren: Tennessee?

Me: Lauren, really?

Lauren: You need to say it, Shelby.

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Just who exactly is Mark?

Before we begin, I would like to include a video here by the Bible Project. on the gospel of Mark. The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that makes short videos about the bible. They are very helpful videos to use as you begin a new book of the bible, and I often use them in my personal study. Let’s watch their Mark video, here.

The gospel of Mark is technically anonymous, but we attribute the gospel to John Mark.

John Mark was a Jewish Christian-convert who was living in Jerusalem after the death of Jesus. Continue reading

Christ & Culture- An invitation to Study the Gospel of Mark

It was a 7:30 AM class with the most distinguished Bible professor at my University. Everyone wanted to take this classes, and there were rumors that if you did well… you might even get an offer to his Wednesday night bible study group. But that invitation was for the seriously intelligent and going-somewhere Christian. Continue reading