About Me

About meMy name is Shelby Jo Renee Betts. My name has been Shelby Jo to my family ever since I can remember, but my given middle name is Renee. When I got married (to the amazing Kevin Betts) and had my name changed…. I tried to change my name to just Shelby Jo Betts. For some reason, the woman at the Social Security office was not down with a middle name change… but she did change my last name for me… without a marriage certificate… So as of right now, I am Shelby (Jo) Renee Betts. I am a #8/Challenger on the Enneagram, an ESTP on Myers Brigg, and a Director on the 4 Quadrants… if that means anything to you!

We all have truth. Truth as we have experienced it. You can be free when your truth finds narrative in God’s Truth. Christians have a belief about God, that he communicated his truth about himself, his world, his experiences through the eyes of ordinary and common people which culminated perfectly in the person of Jesus Christ. So this is where I find myself. Ordinary and Common like so many who have gone before me, but I have found Truth in Jesus. I want everyone on the face of the planet to know him because Life is really lived when you know Jesus.