Can page contain or word define 

The wondrous love of Glory Divine?

Read of sagas, stories, and prose,

Of people God loved and gladly chose.

Our feeble hearts so hesitant to begin

the journey where God walks with redeemed men.

Could it be possible? Real? True?

Would God delight in saving a few?

Could be yours! his! hers! If only they’re told.

This is my story beginning to unfold,

Gospel! Gospel! Good news for all

Jesus is raised! He reversed the fall!

  “Consider the cost,” God’s word for today

Giving up his son was a steep price to pay

Puzzling, puzzling- God allows us to choose

Knowing who and what he was bound to lose. 

If page can contain and word does define 

Allow this poem to sit amid the lines

Of common men who found this to be true:

God is glorious, 

His love altogether true, 

If there be hope for me, 

Truly, truly, it exists for you.

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